Problem Finally Solved

Dear FlyLady,

I just wanted to let you know another thing that the purple rags can do! It is such a nice day that I decided to wash my car by hand and use the purple rags. I was expecting them to do a good job but I never expected them to take care of a problem that has been there for almost 2 years.A yellow vehicle left two bright yellow streaks of paint on my dark blue car right behind the passenger side door. I had washed over the paint before and even tried some ways of getting the paint off. Today I was rubbing with my purple rags and the paint began to come off! It took every bit of those 7-8 inch streaks of yellow paint off my car. It looks like new again! Thank you!

A FlyBaby in Central Ohio


FlyLady here: This is great! I am going to have to try it on my car. I just can’t get over something so soft can work this well.





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