One For Each Hand

Dear FlyLady,

 I’ve been quietly flying more and more for several years now (more than I think, from my holiday control journal!).

This year I caved and bought your purple rags, and quietly introduced them to our house. They joined a few other similar name-brand rags, and have sat where I can use them as needed.

This week we put our house on the market. My husband came to me as we were getting ready, and asked about some cleaning rags. I showed him the stack (yours plus the name brand rags) and went on with putting things in a box. Later in the week, he asked about them again, and specifically said, “I get along better with the dark purple rags. I think we should have one for each hand so we can go through the house and clean things”  “Like a double holster?”  “Yeah!”   I didn’t tell him until today that they were FlyLady rags, and he responded with a thoughtful, “huh.”  Maybe you’ll have a bit more street cred around our house now!


Sarah in Seattle


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