Where is the Good Calendar?

2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

My MIL had bought us a little “nature photos around the country” type of calendar. Even though I KNEW the FlyLady calendar was the one I preferred, I put hers up in the kitchen.

When my fifteen year old Dear Son went to put one of his activities on the calendar, he asked, “Hey, where is our good calendar? Why did you put this junk up here?  How am I supposed to write on this?”

LOL! I didn’t DARE tell him that the “good” calendar came from FlyLady. I just ordered one and hung it up in the kitchen. Believe it or not, he noticed and started adding more items to it!

Seventeen year old DD knows the truth, but she won’t tell either! LOL!

Our lives are so much smoother. Once BOTH parents have granted permission for an activity, (sleep over, movies, etc.) the person wanting to go writes it on the calendar. No more, “I told Mom,” or “I told Dad,” or “I asked you last week!”

It also helps us to keep up with who needs to be where.

Thanks for such a TERRIFIC tool!

FLYing with a Great Calendar



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