Young@Heart: Are You Addicted To Adrenaline?

I am, and since there’s not Adrenalinics Anonymous I had to work with my addiction alone and am now a “recreational” user and an expert on the subject. Being disorganized created the “perfect” lifestyle for my addiction to rage. Here’s how it worked and although it’s not scientific it’s true in the laboratory of my life.

Our bodies release adrenaline in situations where we need to respond quickly. We’ve needed it to be able to run from a flying tyrannosaurus or a springing tiger, but today we have this supply somewhere in our bodies just itching to be used to save us. In my case I started using in Jr. High School and for me procrastination was like a needle to an addict, a sure-fire way to get the drug released into my system. I’d leave a six-week project until the weekend before it was due and drain my source of the drug staying up all night, neglecting food, imagining failure, pushing, studying (oops I just remembered it’s the Pterodactyl that could fly) and finally going to school Monday morning with the flair of a seasoned actress, presenting my completed project (even Steven Spielberg would have been impressed with) and getting an A.

By the time I married I was a practiced and outstanding procrastinator and unconsciously addicted to adrenaline. In my chaotic, disorganized past I was known to put off Christmas preparations until December 24, hide from unexpected company, run for buses, ignore the mail box, intercept disconnect notices, and with the advent of credit cards I discovered a great way to get a quick fix, just by reading THE STATEMENT.

When I got organized, I went through withdrawal! What happened to the rush of barely catching the flight? Where’d the drama go when dinner guests were to arrive in five minutes and I still hadn’t taken a shower? Was my life of being organized, suddenly going to be drug free and dull? I went into nervous remission and had to think a lot about what my transformation from pigpen to paradise was doing to me.

I realized I need drama in my life and now that I know Nelly my inner child (she is a drama queen) I know the drama of life makes me happy. I love to be dramatic! I love to go to the movies. I love to read about other people’s drama. When I teach, I get to be “dramatic,” and as far as adrenaline goes, I still get to use, but it’s way more fun now and it’s in moderation. If you’ve been disorganized for very long, chances are you are addicted to adrenaline too, but as you follow your routines and continue to add healthy habits and some filled with drama, to your lifestyle, you’ll need to replace the negative “drama” with positive scenarios. Only you know what your replacements will be, so give some thought to it and you’ll find what makes you and your inner child happy and organized.

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