Calendar and Magnets

 2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

I’ve been using your calendar for a little over a month, and I LOVE it! Finally, we have enough room in each day’s square to note all our appointments, school events, and so forth. This one tool has made our weekday mornings so much more organized, because I remember, ­at least most of the time, LOL! ­to check what’s happening the next day and prepare any paperwork and payments the night before. (I also just recently discovered the pocket in the back and was thrilled to realize I could keep my calendar stickers there!)

I’m really pleased, too, with the magnets I ordered so that I could hang the calendar on our fridge. My son wears school uniforms, and the magnet clips give me the perfect place to keep dress-down passes, which often come home a few days in advance and are small and easy to lose track of.

Thank you so much, FlyLady, for the great products and for everything you do to help us organize and bless our homes!

Lots of love,

FlyBaby Jenn



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