I Saw Myself Transform

Dear FlyLady,

I became a FlyBaby at the end of August, and while I was completing the 31 babysteps, I saw my house and myself transformed.
My house is now mostly clutter free (I’m still working on my closet), and it’s always guest ready.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom wanted to have lunch with me and then go shopping for one of my DD’s birthday presents, and the only day she was available was the day I had friends coming over in the evening.  So, I looked around my house, and I very happily got to tell her that I was available.  I didn’t have to do an all day marathon cleaning session thanks to my FlyLady routines.  Wow!  That was the first time in my entire adult life that I felt I didn’t have to worry about what my friends would think of my house.  Now that’s FLYing!
As for myself, the FlyWashing is working wonderfully.  I no longer do chores; now, I bless my home.  I no longer worry about not having time to clean everything p**fectly; now I do 15 minutes and then move on.  I now find fun ways to bless my home, and I turn negative thoughts around right away.  For example, yesterday I had a busy day planned – church first, then lunch with my parents, followed by picking tickets for our favorite NBA team’s games (we share season tickets with 2 other couples).  That morning, I started wondering how I’d ever get through my regular routines, and stinking thinking invaded my brain.  I stopped myself (thank you FlyWashing), and looked at my routines and chose what I would do from them & what I would not do.  It was powerfully liberating – there I was FLYing again!
A few months ago, I attended a Walk to Emmaus, and it was a great spiritual revival for me.  On the last day, we were asked what we planned to do next.  I said I was going to fly (this was before I ever even heard of FlyLady), and my mom asked me what that meant.  At the time, I told her I wasn’t sure; that it was just a feeling I had.  Well, now I know – it means Finally Loving Yourself!
The babysteps changed my life.  The emails keep me motivated, and give great tips.  The tools in the FlyShop are all awesome (I have a lot of them already, and I have the rest on my Christmas list).  The control journal keeps me organized, and the calendar has become the hub of our days.
FlyLady and FlyCrew, I love you, and owe you more than I can express.  You saved me from my own apathy and perfectionism.  That is priceless!
With love,
FlyBaby Karen



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