If They Only Knew

 Hi FlyLady,

After I ordered my new FlyLady Feather Duster, I had some friends tell me that they thought I had wasted my money since all a feather duster does is “spread the dust around” and “why do you need to order a FlyLady duster?”. Well, if they only knew. I was so excited to receive my new feather duster and it got here really quick! I promptly got the hair dryer out and gave it a poofing. I then began flying through the house with my new duster and dusted my bedroom, office, children’s rooms and bathroom (I even got up the dust and lint on top of my clothes dryer!).

I didn’t set a timer since I was just trying out my duster for FUN, but I dusted my whole upstairs (including ceiling fans) in less than 10 minutes. It really was effortless. I proceeded downstairs, dusting the banister as I went along until I got outside and shook it – boy, did the dust fly then!

So to respond to my doubting friends: 1. My FlyLady Feather Duster certainly doesn’t just “spread the dust around”, it grabs it up inside my house so I can then take it out of my house. and 2. I need a FlyLady duster because: a) it really works, b) it makes me happy (who would’ve thought that about dusting? LOL), c) it got me out of my non-dusting rut.

Now I have a tool to implement into my daily and weekly routines. I hated dusting before I got my FlyLady Feather Duster, mainly because it took too much time to do it PERFECTLY (so I hardly ever did it).

As I was coming downstairs with my new feather duster, my 6 year old DS made me smile when he asked “Mom, are you flying through the house again?”

Thank you for this great tool!

-FlyBaby in Iowa


FlyLady Here: We love our beautiful dusters, too. It is like having your very own magic wand to make the dust disappear as you bless your home. The duster is fun and makes us feel happy when we use it and isn’t that the way we want to live? Taking care of your home does not have to be a negative thing; having a home to bless and tools to have fun is the way to go. That is why we create these tools for you.


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