He’s Sold On Them

Dear FlyLady and your very supportive Flying Crew,
I love every product I have purchased from the FlyShop thus far, and I’m looking forward to receiving the Mop that I just purchased – as I am plum ‘Swiffer’ed-out.

Just before the Winter Holidays DH decided he would clean the slider plus the dining room windows, neither has curtains (we overlook a lovely yard and storybook forest beyond the property line, very private) and the windows were really in need of cleaning. I was sure he hadn’t done the job as promised and decided I’d do it the following morning. To my surprise, not only were the windows clean they positively sparkled. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “How did you get them done so fast?”, I asked.  DH laughed and said “I decided to try your ‘FlyFriend’s’ purple cloths. I have to admit they really did work, and in a lot less time than I’d anticipated.’  He’s sold on them.

I have a half dozen of the Purple and another half dozen of the Silver that are used only on the kitchen counters, and when I’m prepping food.

Thank you for all that you and your special crew do for us Flybabies.
Gratefully fluttering in Maryland




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