Importance of Checking Your Calendar

2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

Your reminder about needing to check our calendars hit home with me today. Last month I was really working the FlySystem – using my control journal, decluttering a bit, obeying the email messages and I was feeling good about my progress – Slow but Steady.

Then last week I got buried. I agreed to edit a friend’s dissertation, and it was just a LOT more work than I had planned on. So a lot of stuff went by the wayside. I still did some and felt I was keeping my head above water.

Then Friday my friend called, and the person at our university who reviews dissertations had TONS of formatting problems with it. I went into panic mode and hyperfocused (something I think we SHEs are really good at) – sending it fixed to her at midnight, then packing in a rush so we could leave at 6 the next morning to help move my sister to Phoenix.

Saturday night – after an exhausting day – I laid in the hotel bed and realized — I hadn’t checked my calendar on Friday and so I had forgotten to take dinner in that night to a lady at church who just had TWINS. Horrible guilt – and there was absolutely NOTHING I could do about it on Saturday night in Phoenix.

So I jumped in TODAY, right where I am, and decided – even with crazy
dissertation fixes or 110 degree temperatures or a sick kid or cat – I HAVE to do my AM routine COMPLETELY before getting sidetracked. FlyLady is always right.

Many thanks for all of your encouragement and suggestions!

FlyBaby Z in Las Vegas


FlyLady here:  We live busy lives..and when we are trying to balance everything it is so easy to forget something. This is where the wonderful  FlyLady Calendar comes into play. It will help you stay focused and not forget those well intended commitments. 


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