Saved My Work Outfit

  Dear FlyLady,

You had me FLYing as a single mother of 2 boys in 2001 and beyond, then I forgot about you for a while, and it showed! Well I am back on track, remarried and now have a total of 4 boys! This makes for hectic and crazy mornings trying to get out the door for school and work. Often, in my rush, I somehow get big white paths of deodorant on my dark colored work suits and blouses. This is always cause for having to change, as attempts to get the deodorant off of my clothes always results in an even bigger mess!!!

When I was a FLYbaby in 2001 I never had the money to order anything off your site and I didn’t need to – you generously provided all the instructions, directions, and necessary paperwork for me to make my own control journal and you gave me ideas for ways to clean with what I had. Well, now that I have a two income household I decided to “splurge” (LOL!) and get some things from the FLYshop. I ordered the purple rags as well as a few other items. I had read so many glowing testimonials about these rags that at first, I was upset because I thought you had forgotten to include them in my order. I saw a purple mesh bag that I knew was to wash the rags in, but WHERE WERE THE RAGS?? It turns out, the mesh bag is a super light lavender (almost white) color and the PURPLE I was seeing were the rags! They were so pretty and shiny I just knew those couldn’t be them – that had to be part of the bag! LOL! I hope I’m not the only one this has happened to:)
To make a long story even longer, I got deodorant all over my black cotton ribbed blouse this morning. Soft creamy WHITE deodorant all stuck in each individual rib of the BLACK cotton fabric. A dry purple rag was on my vanity and a light bulb went off. Maybe it would work! I grabbed it, rubbed it on the deodorant stain, and magic! Poof! Gone! Not a TRACE. No residue, no needing to scrub where it had gotten down into the ribs of the fabric.  Just GONE.
So now I get it – the testimonials aren’t just a bunch of lunatics spouting nonsense. These really are magical rags. Thank you for saving me the hassle of having to figure out a new outfit this morning!!
And thank you for ALL you do 🙂


FlyLady here: You just made me laugh out loud! I know people sometimes question the testimonials we send out. I am even amazed at the amount of them we get! They really are not just a bunch of lunatics spouting nonsense LOL! We do so much research into what product is best to help you FLY and we offer all of our service, advice and information for free.

I’m so happy that the purple rag saved you so much time and effort. These really are wonder rags.


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