House Fairy Can Help With Back to School Clothes

Dear House Fairy,

You’ve been part of our family for about a year and your occasional inspections (about one a month) have brought joy and order to our kids ages 5, 7 and 9. I thought I’d share the note you left now that school is right around the corner in hopes you’ll share it with other moms who want to get their children’s closets and dressers streamlined for back to school.

Love, Becky


Dear Kendall, Conner and Audrey,

I’m so proud of you for being in the habit of keeping your rooms up. Hasn’t it been a wonderful summer?

I’ve left you each a garbage bag to fill with all the clothes you no longer wear. You know the stuff that’s too tight and the stuff you don’t like.  Also any toys, stuffed animals, books and games you’re not using can be put in your bag. For every item (I’m a good counter) I’ll leave one dollar and I want that money to go for new school clothes.  I’ll be back on Monday to pick up (and count) what’s in your bags and I’ll leave the money in an envelope for each of you. I’m going to take the clothes, toys, books and games to Fairyland and give them to elves who need them and can’t afford to go to the Fairyland Mall.

I love you my adorable Snuggle Bunnies! It’s so fun to come and make inspections because I know I’ll almost always get to leave a surprise!

Hugs and kisses!
House Fairy


House Fairy here: If you’d like to invite me into your family, I’ll be able to help you with your Snuggle Bunnies. For a one-time cost of $14.95 you’ll get access to my videos that inspire and motivate your kids to keep their rooms neat and clean and a whole bunch of other fun lessons.

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