A Little Extra Push

Dear FlyLady,I have been following FlyLady since, well, many years. I found Paddi’s book to be an extra little added prod to get me to re-read Sink Reflections and get my act back together.

I have been on and off for years and years, and I still have to rely on some notes to get certain things done. I thought it was well-written, and as opposed to “talking down” to the reader as one reviewer said, I believe it was meant to be an inspiration… not only to we who are already FlyBabies, but to some people who are stuck in CHAOS and haven’t discovered yet they are loveable and CAN do it!

I suppose it could be considered a book-length ad for FlyLady, as one person said, but so what? People like me NEED FlyLady! Wonderful book, all of you who collaborated on it, and thank you for the inspiration. The only thing I didn’t like was Gina’s husband…. I’m afraid I would have beaned him with my journal, LOL.

FlyBaby Glenda

Dear Friends,

Hidden Treasures was written by my sister Paddi, her daughter Jessica, and their friend Ken Hartley. Currently, Hidden Treasures is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.com. Check out this beautiful story and jump right in to FLY.



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