Young@Heart: November is Here!

Let’s think about the month of November for a sec. If you live where there are seasons, you get to enjoy the wintery weather of November. It’s snowman building season and time to play outside with the kids. Of course they’ll stay out even when they’re freezing, because there’s so much fun to have! “Lettuce Bee Silly” a book I wrote for children, has a couple of poems that remind me of November as a kid. Incidentally, the best way to get a frozen kid to come in and warm up is to serve hot chocolate with marshmallows on top.

im not cold 1
im not cold 2                               .

Do you remember getting all bundled up to play in the snow as a child? My mom put so much on me, I could barely move and then I turned around and did the same thing to my kids. Here’s the other poem in the “Silly” book and reminds me of November. If you’d like a great gift for the kids in your life, this is a fun collection of poems kids like and adults do too.

snow suit

Bundled Up

I’ve got two sweaters, two shirts and two pants on
I’m bundled up to play in the snow
My coat is stuffed with feathers
So I think I’m ready to go

Mom helped me with my mittens
And she helped me with my hat
She wound a scarf around my neck
Thirteen times to be exact

My snow boots are lined with some kind of fur
And I’m wearing six pairs of socks
I feel so heavy I can hardly move
Like I’m full of a bunch of rocks

It took about an hour
To cover my whole body
But now that I’m standing in the snow
I really have to go potty

November is also a cozy time of year. Time for crackling fires, homemade stews, baked apples and roasted walnuts.

Mother Nature has many lessons to teach us in November. She uses this month as her reminder to us to streamline our homes. It’s her month for letting go of last year’s stuff by stripping her trees bare and putting her plants into a deep, winter coma. November reminds us to slow down, rest, and hibernate a little. She gives us longer nights and shorter days….hint, hint. She also uses November to remind us that life can be harsh sometimes, but it doesn’t last forever.

How many Novembers have you lived? Does the thought of November bring memories of family get-togethers centered on turkey feasts, or are they filled with chaotic recollections as the holidays loomed? Have you been organized in any of your Novembers? Are most of your November memories good ones?

This is my 73rd November and when I scan through those 73 months (that’s 6 years of Novembers) I have to pause at a few of them. For example, I married my first husband in one of those Novembers (the 29th to be exact) and two days later a drunk driver rear ended our car and I spent the next week in the hospital in critical condition. As it is with every bad thing that happens, there’s always good that comes from it. (I met my guardian angel in the hospital and had a healing.)

November 2016 is a brand new November for us all. Once it’s gone, you’ll never get it back. In “The Sidetracked Sister’s Happiness File” I wrote about the importance of getting enough rest. Our world would be a different place, if we all got enough rest. Let’s make this November joyful and memorable. And get some rest!

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