I Can See It From Across The Room

Dear FlyLady,

Although I loved your wonderful calendar last year, I didn’t order one this year. My husband had been hospitalized since December and it didn’t seem to be a priority.

This week he finally came home. The second day he was home, he saw me writing his doctor’s appointments on the dinky calendar I had been using. He asked where the “good” calendar was. Then he stated that your calendar was the absolute best, because it had such big squares, one could write so much on it, and he could see it from his wheelchair across the room.

I knew I had to order one right away.  Never again will I fail to get my new calendar from FlyLady.

Thanks for making such wonderful products.



FlyLady here: I am so glad your husband is home from the hospital. I will keep y’all in my prayers as he regains his strength.
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