It’s The Zaniest and Funniest Idea Yet!


I was listening to the FlyLady show when you announced your new Stick It Right On the Money stickers. I went to the website and was laughing right out loud! I am forwarding this to all of my friends and family. Hilarious. You have such great products and I have enjoyed your site for years. This is definitely one of your funniest and zaniest ideas yet. Good luck with everything and thanks so much for all you have done for the good of SHEkind!Amanda S.


Pam here: That testimonial was from 2010 when I first introduced the Stick it Right on the Money Gift-Giving Kit. When we sold out, which was very quickly, we didn’t re-order, because of the cost to produce the product. Over the years I’ve received hundreds of requests, but I refused to have this product produced in China to lower production costs.

But because of technology, the cost to produce these funny sticker disguises for the men on our money, is lower than the original cost four years ago! It enabled me to even reduce the price to you!

The Right on the Money Gift-Giving Kit is not just funny it’s practical. It allows you to be creative with giving money as a gift. It’s that simple. Remember playing with paper dolls? That’s what it feels like to create characters out of the faces on our money. With these stickers that don’t harm the currency, you’ll save so much time if you decide to give money this holiday season! Just think, no mall hassles, no wondering if your gift will be right, no gift wrap, just fun, fun, fun.





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