My Calendar Has Become My Personal Assistant

Dear FlyLady:
Thank you for the direction you have shared to allow me and my family to rest.I feel good sitting on the sofa watching an old movie, knowing my house work is done. I can play a game of dice or take off to the mall with the grand kids, with no regrets, because when we get home the house is.. “restful to my eyes”

The kids and grand kids can feel restful and comfortable bringing their friends to our home to stop in and hang out with no CHAOS. The fridge and cupboards have groceries to “feed and water” them when they arrive, when ever that is.

My husband is the one who I would be stressful with, when company was coming. He would need to help pick things up and move them to a bedroom and shut the door. Now he can rest and enjoy when friends “drop in” and he even invites them over knowing he doesn’t have to “prepare” for their arrivals.

Your 15 minute a day, and daily routines have put me, my family and our home in a restful state. And after a LONG crazy day at work for us both, our home is our haven. THANK YOU.

My wonderful FlyLady calendar does hang on the front of my refrigerator. It is there for everyone to see our schedule. It works beautifully. Every one can see how important they are as we all have our schedules placed there.The grand children’s events too. (Don’t want to miss those.) And there is room. There is also room for me everyday to record my weight, record my blood pressure and heart rate. It is a daily reminder of how far I’ve come and if I slip, I can see a pattern of when, and figure out why, to get back on track. I record the time on my treadmill, when I’ve worked in the garden, or taken a walk.

This record isn’t of only what we are going to do, but of what we have done. A sort of monthly diary at a glance too. It is helpful when one is sick and for how long. At our checkups, the calendar is whisked briefly from the refrigerator and travels with me to the Doctors. I have an accurate record to answer all her questions. What a gift this is. Everyone thinks I’m super organized. who knew 2 years a go, I was in debt up to my eyeballs, couldn’t walk through a bedroom, was 20 pounds heavier, and felt nauseous every time someone came to visit. Even though I loved their company.

My calendar has become my personal assistant. And my best friend.

Thank you.
Toni (USA)



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