I Reached For My Feather Duster

 Dear FlyLady,

I absolutely love the “do it now” principle. Yesterday morning as I was getting ready to leave my house for the day, I looked toward my dining room window and saw that some busy little spider had decorated it for me.Before FlyLady, I would have grumbled about spiders, made a mental note to look for spider webs when I had time, and tried to remember off and on the rest of the day to take care of that when I got home.  Instead, I reached for my FlyLady Feather Duster, removed the “decoration” and got out of my house about one minute later than I would have done otherwise.

It was such a relief all day not having my brain cluttered with mental notes or grumbling voices. I wasn’t late for my appointment that morning.  Peace !  Thanks for all you do.

An old FlyBaby from MN


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