Can’t Do Without Your Calendar

 Dear FlyLady and Crew!

I just put in my order for two of your 2017 calendars. I’ve been ordering mine since you first offered them, and when we re-did our kitchen, I made sure there was a place just for the calendar! It’s perfect: the squares are large enough to enter all information. Or, if it’s a tentative date, the little 2″x2″ post-it squares fit perfectly. My husband, who declares that all technology hates him, depends on it daily since he never uses an electronic calendar. (He’s a wonderful man, but has a pretty short ‘rememberer’!) Basically, if it’s not on the calendar, it isn’t happening!
A couple of years ago our niece stayed with us for the summer, and asked if I could get her one of the ‘cool’ calendars. I’ve been getting her one ever since. Now that she’s out of university and in the work force, she finds it invaluable for keeping track of meetings, etc.
One thing, tho’. I know you’re always reminding us to get rid of clutter. However, I have saved almost every calendar. They’re a diary of all that happens, and since we’re both self-employed, if we ever need to justify receipts, etc. we’ll only need to look at the calendar to remember the details. It’s also good for answering the old ‘WHEN did that happen’ questions.
Thank you for continuing to offer these. I don’t know WHAT I’d do if you ever stopped!
Be well –



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