Don’t Sit This One Out

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Many of you know that I served as a County Commissioner in my community. I held office for six years. It was because I was afraid that the other commissioners would find out my dirty little secret that I could not keep house! That is when I got organized.

As the only woman on the Board of Commissioners I felt that I brought a motherly prospective to the board. I always thought about my vote and how it would affect the children in the future.

Early in my public service our FlyLady Membership exceeded the population of our county. In 2004 it was time to run for office. I asked God for His guidance. As a result I was defeated in a Primary Election by 27 Votes. I sort of took that as a sign that God had plans for me. After all we love our 27 Fling Boogies. God had Boogied that phase of my life and I was on to more important things.

One of those things was helping you to become the women you were supposed to be. Our little system showed you how to establish habits and string them into routines. This put your home on auto-pilot. When you are not feeling guilty about a messy home; you can follow God’s plan for your life. It is so wonderful how this all falls together. You become the wife, mother, and person you have always wanted to be.

As a child, I said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning along with the Lord’s Prayer. I learned to stand when our National Anthem was played. As a Girl Scout, I learned how to raise our Nation’s Flag and I even participated in the official retirement of an old tattered flag. I was twelve years old and I will never forget that ceremony around a fire. It was a powerful experience for me.

In the last few weeks, I have been following Neal McCoy on Facebook. He leads us in the Pledge every morning. It has been a good reminder for me during the turmoil of the Presidential Elections that we are “One nation under God!”

I have prayed hard for God to help me make a decision. Then I got the God Breeze one day while doing a Facebook Live video. I have to stand for what I believe in. I have always put the children first when I was making decisions for my county. You do the same thing when you put your children first. You have always been selfless when it comes to your babies.

I am not fond of any of the candidates, but I have to make a choice. I can’t boycott the election because that amounts to giving my vote away. After many hours of prayer I have decided for me, this election boils down to the babies.

My vote can be a vote for their future. We can’t change the past, all we can do is pray and exercise our right to vote.

1. A Vote for the unborn who have no voice.
2. A Vote to reduce our 20 TRILLION Dollar Debt
3. A Vote for affordable health insurance for our babies.
4. A Vote for God to become politically correct again.

I used this to cast a vote for everyone on the ballot; from School Board to State Court Judges, Senate, Congress, and the President.

Please pray about this! Let God guide you in your decision. Know what you stand for! And above all else; Go Vote. We have a voice.

May God continue to Bless this great country!


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