Found Another FlyBaby

Dear FlyLady and Amazing Team,  

 A few weeks ago, I bought one of your 16oz water bottles. Everything everyone has said is true; Wide mouth for ice and filling, cool ties to personalize and keep the lid handy, ICE cold at the end of the day (if it lasts that long). My 2yo DS can open it himself and drinks up at every chance he gets: I often find it empty when I want a drink.

Now, on to my real reason for writing: I found another FlyBaby! I took my water bottle to church last Sunday and when we were dropping aforementioned DS off at his class, she asked about the bottle. I was able to show it to her since she had been considering buying one. It was a really nice ice-breaker since we have recently had to move churches and I have a hard time opening up and talking to others.

Thanks for being here,


FlyLady Here: Our water bottles keep your cold drinks COLD and your hot drinks HOT!

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