We All Make Mistakes

Dear Pam,

Do you remember the line in The Sound of Music when one of the sisters spoke to the Mother Superior with her arms full of motor parts from the Nazi’s car?

“Mother, we have sinned.”

Watching that movie the other night made me think about you. You are like my mystical Mother Superior. I’ve read all your books and benefitted so much, yet all along I thought I had failed to live up to your ideal, until I read The Joy of Being Disorganized and I realized, I haven’t sinned at all. Yes, I’ve made mistakes, we all do, and yes I’ve been overwhelmed and buried because of being disorganized and yes I’ve felt guilty and been on the defensive, but I’ve also enjoyed raising our four lovely children and helping my husband in his successful business. In the middle of reading your book it suddenly hit me, I’M HAPPY! I wasted so much energy being ashamed for really no reason. I’m a SHE! Hear me roar!


Alice W.

Pam here: I wish I could hug and hold each one of you who has wasted precious energy feeling bad about being disorganized. Writing The Joy of Being Disorganized, was the next best thing to meeting each of you. I hope you read it and let it soothe you by helping you realize what an amazing person you already are, before you dust or vacuum or shine the sink. You deserve to celebrate who you are. I’ve met many celebrities who are SHEs and they have a secret I share in The Joy of Being Disorganized, by devoting an entire chapter to that secret.

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