Put These Things on the FlyLady Calendar

Dear FlyLady,

My family and I have used your calendar for years now. I know how much I rely on it, but I guess I forget that my family does, too, now that our 2 children are away at college.

Yesterday, I texted my husband to remind him to transfer money for our daughter’s tuition… we are late.

He texted back: “OK, but would you start putting these things on the FlyLady calendar? It helps to have notice.”

When I got home, I remarked that I had texted him about the payment 2 weeks ago. “It’s still not the same as the FlyLady calendar,” he said. “With a text it feels like nagging. On the calendar, it feels loving and like we’re all in this together.”

FlyLady, you are truly making our family a kinder place to be. I think we all love you.

Love from Michigan



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