No Drippy Mess

Dear FlyLady,

I ordered your water bottle a couple of months ago, & just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE it! I live in Georgia, & as you know, the south is very hot and humid. All of the other water bottles I have purchased for my family over the years (and it’s been a lot), sweat and don’t keep the water cold for very many hours.

My FlyLady water bottle still has ice in it even after it has sat in my HOT car all day, & it does not leave a drippy mess. I love being able to easily fill the wide mouth with ice, & then have the smaller opening to drink out of with a screw on lid that won’t come open accidentally. You thought of everything!! Now all my family wants to use my water bottle because it actually stays cold. I’ve got to order some more.:)

Thanks so much,
Chris in GA


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