Sometimes You Need an Extra Hand


Dear Friends and Crew,

I’m a single gal who tries to fix what she can. I recently ordered the FlyLady Clog Cannon. My laundry tub drain clogged and I couldn’t do laundry. I tried plunging it until sweat dripped down my face. Then I tried Draino. NOTHING was working. I ordered the Clog Cannon.

First of all, the directions need to be more user friendly. Figuring out which way some of the attachments fit on was a challenge. I was pumping, per the picture, and nothing was happening.  I decided to pull the trigger, KABOOM! It blew the plug out of the other side of the double laundry sink, I was all wet, but it was still clogged. These are the old cement sinks with the small drains way in the inner corner. To top it off, the drains have built in X’s so the attachments cannot fit into the drain. I tried the larger attachment meant for toilets, but couldn’t get the grip tight enough, and it really didn’t line up correctly.


Do you have a Clog Cannon story too? Share it with me! Send it to with “Cannon” in the subject line.

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