Encouragement and Smiles

Dear Friends,

Hidden Treasures was written by my sister Paddi, her daughter Jessica, and their friend Ken Hartley. Currently, Hidden Treasures is available in paperback and on Kindle through Amazon.com. Check out this beautiful story and jump right in to FLY.


Hidden Treasures Reviews


This was a great little story that shows how the “Flylady” system touches people and spreads.


Organization/letting go of clutter is a problem that many experience• Years ago. I found a book titled The Fly Lady which helped me and many others as well. This was written by members of the Fly Lady’s family. Written as a novel., it was a reminder that change is possible with routines and persistence!


I really enjoyed this book and the rehashing of Flylady’s routines. Nothing life altering in here, but encouragement and smiles.


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