Starring My Feather Duster


Dear FlyLady,

Today I did my very first home blessing hour. I can’t believe it actually took only an hour to clean the whole house! It was so easy to clean my decluttered, organized home. (I’ve been fluttering since January, and while there are still plenty of hidden hotspots to deal with, it’s such a pleasure to live here now!) I feel great, the house looks great, and now I have the rest of the afternoon do with as I please.

Also, I love my feather duster! I used to hate dusting because I always did it with a rag and Pledge, which took forever and left me coated with greasy fumes. Now, I just waltz around with my feather duster, actually looking for more things to dust before that timer dings.

Thank you for helping me with my (for the first time since my marriage one year ago) beautiful home!


A FlyBaby in Houston



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