I Smiled The Rest of the Day

Dear FlyLady,

I agree with the lady in Arkansas. Please keep the emails coming. If they pile up because I’m too busy to read them all, I have options. I can get FlyLady Light (I’ve done this) or I can delete the old ones. Simple. I love having a pile of testimonials to read when I am not feeling well. They inspire me and keep my attitude right.And, not surprising to you, my husband has started speaking the language. He has asked for those “colored things” I used to clean out my closet. And he wanted to know the protocol for deciding what to keep, what to give away and what to trash. WOW. He was paying attention. In addition, he wanted to know the term for hiding stuff when company was coming.

We have a lot of decluttering to do in our master bath and bedroom to get ready for new flooring and painting. We have two weeks to get ready. After two years of tender requests from me, he has decided he doesn’t want to haul all those clothes he doesn’t wear up to the guest room and back down again during this home improvement process. So, with a few boxes and a timer, we are starting the process tomorrow. We plan to cheerfully declutter every closet, cabinet and drawer in these two rooms before the work begins.

I’ll let you know how it goes. Oh, and I spent four 15-minutes sessions cleaning out two paper junk stash and dash file drawers in my kitchen. I had procrastinated about it for months. DUH! Since we pay bills the day they arrive, there were no “uh oh” items there and 95% of the mess ended up in the trash with a couple of items going through the shredder first. I knew it wouldn’t take as long as I thought, but really fussed at myself for putting it off when it only took four 15-minute sessions. Then I got over that and smiled the rest of the day over the accomplishment.

A FlyBaby


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