Storing Your Duster

Dear FlyLady,

I first subscribed a while ago but apparently was not ready for the lessons to sink in.  I read the posts and thought, “Good idea.” but didn’t really DO anything about organizing/cleaning.

Well, that switch in my head has finally been turned on.  Following the 15 minute rule, I have managed to declutter my main living areas.  I bought the  feather duster and LOVE it.  I was stuck with how and where to store it in keeping with your instructions.  My sister recently decluttered and gave me a large blue vase, I have several cobalt blue vases, and I was working out how to integrate it into my small collection, only 6 vases-enough to make a statement without looking like clutter.

It works perfectly as a holder for the duster. I think it kind of looks like a Dr. Suess tree.  Now it is always ready for that quick daily dusting-and is a constant reminder to “maintain” things.  Good enough is good enough is my new mantra.  No more paralysis due to the desire to be perfect.

Thank you for your persistence, humor, and realistic approach.

FlyBaby C.

FlyLady here: Keeping your FlyLady Feather Duster out in the open will help to protect it from dirt mites. Dirt mites hate the light of day! I still have my original duster in my umbrella stand by our front door. It is over ten years old and looks as good as the day I received it as a proto-type. It has been used hundreds of times to keep our home from never having to see dust again!



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