Made Me A Believer

Dear FlyLady,

OMG you’ve made a believer out of me. Feather duster, it works, it really works.
We have a pellet stove and ceiling fans to circulate heat so dust is proliferate, it’s the 5th family member. I got my duster followed directions to fluff up, I am a hairdresser so that part was easy. It took me 5 min to dust my living room, bookcases top of curtains etc. I could even reach without standing on furniture. Thick dust came off like magic and stayed in feathers until I released it back to the world. I’m so happy with it. My woolly duster has never worked like feather did.Purple rags those also passed the skeptic’s test. I have a toaster oven that I could not get the glass clean, I even used comet on it before, degreasers nothing worked. I was considering donating it but was to embarrassed. Windex and purple rag, it is shining. I am a believer now.The hard to believe testimonials, they’re true. Can’t wait to get more tools, I love gadgets that make work easier. My moto’s are,” work smarter not harder, and clean enough to be healthy, dirty enough to be happy.” I haven’t tackled all the steps yet but I have taken steps in the right direction.Thank you so much for all you do and sharing your heart and teaching others to climb to the top, not stay buried in the piles.

Flybaby Linda in WA state

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