No Crisis Cleaning For Me!

Hi FlyLady,

I just had to write to you. My dear mum is BO, she is so organized and efficient and pre flying I have always had to crisis clean to get the house to a standard where I would let her visit me. She had even stayed in a hotel rather than with us, that is how bad I felt about my house and the prospect of my mum visiting. Please don’t get me wrong I love her dearly but I was ashamed of my lack of being able to keep house.

Well I joined FlyLady on the 18th August, after returning from holiday and coming back to utter CHAOS. I realized at that moment that I had to take charge of my house, family and ME first!! I am still working my way through the first month of babysteps (2 months later haha) BUT my house is a home now and the clutter is going. There is a lot more but progress is being made.

Anyway, my lovely mum visited me yesterday and I panicked, I went straight back to thinking about crisis cleaning. I put your pod cast on, went to the kitchen, looked around and there was NOTHING to do!!!! I went to the lounge and there was a little bit to pick up but not a lot. Our bedroom – the bed was made, no need to stash under the bed because it had been decluttered, so had my wardrobe so no clothes to put away or stuff to hide. Then it dawned on me that I didn’t need to crisis clean. The dining room needs quite a lot of work but I wasn’t ashamed to show my mum!! We spent a lovely day together shopping and drinking coffee. I have missed that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and your team for helping me to spend precious time with my mum.

UK FlyBaby  


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