Restoring My Records


Dear FlyLady,
I just bought a converter — to convert all my wonderful records to MP3s so I can enjoy them again. Some of them are so dusty! Some of them are filled with crayon! (How did *that* get on the record??) Well, the purple rags came to my rescue! I wiped and wiped as gently but firmly as I could, and not all the crayon came off, but the record was playable!!!
You should see the amounts of dust that came off the record. I turn on the turn-table, and hold the purple rag still. The record turns about 2 revolutions. I lift up the purple rag, and there is so much dust — I can’t even tell you. It’s disgusting! Thank you, FlyLady & crew!! Wow!!! These purple rags are worth more than their weight in gold! It’s been really fun to hear all my old music. I feel like a giddy kid again.
With joy, Jodi in VA
FlyLady here: Wow this is a great idea. My son also recommended that you use one rag for wiping off the screen of your TV. If you love music like I do; you miss your favorite tunes. This is a wonderful way to babystep your way to having your music again.


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