November Habit #12 It Does Not Have To Be Gourmet

I’m a single SHE with no kids, and I’ve been picking up takeout more and more since I started a new job.  I’ve tried meal planning before, but it never lasted long.  My problem has been that I’ve always equated meal planning with making better meals and trying to be a gourmet cook, but this month I’m going to take baby steps and try meal planning without trying to upgrade my cooking. Which is why I took some pork chops out of the freezer yesterday and they’re now in the crock pot with a can of cream of mushroom soup.  Last night I made spaghetti instead of ordering takeout, and I made enough extra to have as a side dish with the pork chops for at least two nights.  I always have canned and frozen vegetables on hand to eat with it, so I’m all set!

It seems silly to put effort into planning such basic, uninspired meals.  On the other hand, if I hadn’t been thinking about meal planning, I would have ordered a pizza last night and the pork chops would still be frozen so I’d probably get Chinese food tonight.

Maybe once I establish the habit of cooking, I’ll start adding more recipes and technique, but for now cooking basic meals at home is better for my wallet and waistline than getting takeout, so I’m happy.

Thanks FlyLady!

Welcome to November – the Menu Planning month. All month long, we are going to learn how to plan our menus to save money and feed our families healthy. This will be a fun habit to learn and to practice.

If you have and recipes you would like to share or a testimonial about Menu Planning Let us know! Send an email to with Menu Planning in the subject line.

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