The Windows Never Looked So Good

Dear FlyLady,

I want to thank you so much for making the wonderful purple rags!

I grabbed one from my laundry room when it was time to wash the van, thinking I would use it to soap with. Well I used a sponge so it was still dry when it was time to dry the van.

My van is white and the windows are black, and cover almost 1/2 of the van. I usually dry, then windex, and I ALWAYS have dried droplets or streaks! I dried with your purple rag and it shined!!! Then I used it for the inside, streak free!!!

The windows never looked this good and I used to go over and over to get my windshield clear. Plus, it was only water, no need for windex.

My babies didn’t have to smell the fumes closed up in the van. LOVE IT!!!!! Thank you so much for finding products that really work!!!

TX FlyBaby


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