Still FLYing

Dear FlyLady,

A year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.  I  underwent a lumpectomy and radiation. I now take medicine for a period of 5 years and am doing remarkably well, except for the lack of energy.
I tried for about six months after surgery and radiation and thought I would be able to do my morning routine and all other things in my life, but found at one point I just could not.  I recently have anxiety, trembling and not able to function well.  I am receiving help for that now and am still recovering.  I need to rest, rest, rest and eat right to continue to recover and so that is my priority at the moment.
But through this period of recovery I have been swishing and swiping most  Mondays through Fridays.  Washing a load of clothes on the same days.  Once in a great while dusting with my wonderful feather duster and an occasional 15 minute de-clutter .  I love that feather duster, that is not work dusting with it.
I desire to do more, but at this time I am feeling satisfied and uplifted that  I am able to continue to swish and swipe, dust some and wash clothes and cook.
Thanks for your encouragement and thanks to all  of you out there who write in about your struggles and successes.  It gives us all much encouragement and support.
I will continue on this new journey until I am back to full time Flying my style  the best way that I can be. I will rest, rest, rest and do have wonderful family support.
Thanks to all of you, we are all in this life together and that is a strength to us.

Rebecca in Arizona.

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