High Performance Water Bottle

Dear FlyLady,

Thank you for finding high quality products that work!  I LOVE THE WATER BOTTLE.  Why did I wait so long to purchase one???
I should really drink water all the time.  I teach fitness classes and run half marathons.  Drinking water is so important for me so that I perform well and remain safe.  The trouble is convenience. I don’t always drink the level of water that I should because I don’t have it handy.  I have probably bought at least 10 different water bottles in the last year alone.  To have each one have something I don’t like: hard to drink out of, hard to clean, hard to fill, spills my water on floor when teaching, doesn’t keep water cold, leaky, sweaty, funny taste….etc.
WOW your water bottle is amazing.  I have only had it one week and I noticed a HUGE increase of my daily water intake; at least 24oz a day.  I’m feeling better, look better, and performing better.  Not only that but other instructors and students are asking me about my water bottle because it looks nice and performs well.

FlyBaby in NC



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