Tacos For Dinner

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 1.48.27 PMDear FlyLady,

I was never going to be the testimonial person. Not ever going to send an email to FlyLady….Famous last words.

I have been fluttering for about three months, and the difference in our house is amazing…Anyway I’m sidetracked already.

This morning as I was dropping my daughter off for a day at a very good friends┬áhouse, she said to me, I’ll keep my stuff together mum.” I said “what do you mean” she said “Well mum their house is not like this house” I said “what do you mean?” She said, you know “it’s not clean like this house”

I was floored, I had just said to my DH last night that I hope my DD (she’s 7)is young enough to not remember the way it used to be and just to remember the way our house is now. I didn’t even realize that she noticed.

This is the same DD, I might add, who when I told her I was cooking Taco’s for dinner, climbed up looked at the FlyLady calendar and informed me that tacos were not on the meal plan for tonight! I love that she pays attention to our calendar, too. Hopefully she’ll pick up my calendar habit.

Lene FlyBaby in Australia


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