Tears Flowing Down My Cheeks

  hidden treasures

Hi FlyLady,
As I write this to you I have tears flowing down my cheeks. I just finished reading Hidden Treasures.
I am a FlyBaby who has been fluttering along for years with my decluttering and organizing. Due to health issues everything I need to do is a challenge for me.
The way this book found its way to me was a blessing. I have a kindle and by accident I clicked on a 30 day Free Trial of kindle unlimited. I canceled it right away. But still had the 30 days to read a book for free. I had wanted to read Hidden Treasures but couldn’t fit the cost into my budget. Now I could
read it!
I started it and couldn’t put it down. I gained so much from reading this book. I feel that I can “Finally Love Myself” enough to do what needs to be done to make my home and life easier. One Baby Step at a time.
I have spent so much time focused on my health and on the lack of support I have in my life.
Time to shift my focus to all that is good about me and my life. Hidden Treasures opened my eyes.
Thank you Marla and team for all that you do to help us be able to help ourselves.
FlyBaby Genell
 In Piedmont, CA
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