Where is My Duster?

   Dear FlyLady,

I ordered your feather duster a few years ago and really liked it. We have a store and are renovating at this time, so the store gets very dusty. I took my dear feather duster to the store so the employees would have a “real duster” to use. Well, it disappeared after a couple of weeks.

This has been months ago.

I kept thinking we would find it, but apparently someone felt they needed it more than we did. I fumed and fussed and refused to order another until today. (The manager bought a regular feather duster to be used, but it just sent the dust up in the air to just land on the merchandise again.)

Well, I just placed my order for two more feather dusters and a few things for myself. I can hardly wait for the dusters to arrive. They really do work and save a lot of time!

Hopefully, we get to keep this one. I figured, if the person wanted it that much, then I hope they were blessed by it, and that their conscience hurts really bad.

Flying in Virginia


FlyLady here: There is a new feather duster in the FlyShop! The FlyLady Feather Duster has an extendable handle. We love it.


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