Dear Friends,

Saturday is my Sweet Darling’s Birthday. He doesn’t like for anyone to make a fuss over him. He never asks for anything. So the only thing I know to do for him is to tell the world how much I appreciate him.

When FlyLady started in December 1999; he was concerned that the FlyLady persona was going to take his Marla away. He soon realized that we were one in the same. I had finally found my calling.

On Christmas Eve the next year we got the call from the nursing home that my mother had died. At 5:00 am on our way to her he said, When God closes one door he opens another one. Little did I know what God had in store for us!

Three weeks later on January 15, 2001 we reached 10,000 members and we didn’t even have a website. We knew we needed one but had no clue how to proceed. I got an appointment with a web developer. When I walked out of the first meeting I was blown away!

They told me it would take $12,000 to build a website. When Robert got home from court he asked me how the meeting had gone. I was almost in tears as I told him how much it would cost to build a website. He just looked at me with a little grin on his face and said, “That’s doable!”

I was in shock. Here was this wonderful man who believed in me and my mission. I knew he was special when we married in 1996. As he put it; it was love at first smile. I felt the same after our first date. I even told my sister that I was going to marry him. At the end of November, we will be married 19 years. He is my sweet darling, my soul mate, and we are much better together than alone. The best compliment he ever gave me was that I was capable.

So as you see FlyLady would not have been possible without the generosity, patience, and the love of my Sweet Darling. Thank you Robert for helping me to be who God planned for me to be.

On our first date Robert told me about God Breezes. He said to imagine that we were in two boats on a big ocean. God would puff out His cheeks with a great wind and send us the direction He wanted us to go. It was our decision to raise our sails, capture that breeze, and allow the Breeze takes us to our destination; finding each other. The God Breezes had blown us together and now we were in the same boat with our sails flying high ready for our next mission.

When Robert retired a few years ago he decided to write a book. The novel is called, Could You But Find It. If you have read it; the best birthday present you could give Robert is to send him a review to with COULD YOU BUT FIND IT in the subject line. He also checks Amazon every day.

If you have not read it then check out some of the reviews. I really loved the book and I can’t wait for the next one.

Happy Birthday Sweet Darling! Thank you for being my life partner.


Your assignment today is to tell someone that you appreciate them. It will make them smile and you will smile too.

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