Can’t Forget The Screens

Dear FlyLady,

I recently purchased the feather duster and it was sitting on my counter when my granddaughter and her friend stopped by. She asked if she could use it and of course I said yes.

She and her friend blessed the whole house and one other place that is usually
very difficult to clean. My window screens. She took the duster outside and
blessed all of the screens. They were full of white stuff that one of the trees
was spreading around.

The screens came perfectly clean. My husband used to have to take them off and hose them down and then dry them before they could be put back on the windows. It took her all of fifteen minutes to do the whole house. Now every time she comes over she checks out the screens to see if they need a “dusting”.

What a great use for this wonderful piece of cleaning equipment.

FlyBaby M.


FlyLady here: Cottonwood lint is a pain. When I lived in west Tennessee I would have loved to have a feather duster to clean our window screens.


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