Check For The Buildup

Dear FlyLady and Company,

I want to send you my sincerest thanks for sending email after email reminding us to check our dryers for built up lint.

I always felt I was doing a good job of making sure the lint trap was cleaned after every load, and even used a brush to get down into the area where the lint trap goes, even past the length of the lint trap. I even tried to make sure that at least once a year or so I took the vent hose off and made sure it was clear. But the other day, I started to take a load of towels out of the dryer and noticed they were still slightly damp. I kept thinking about your emails about how built up lint can cause dryers to not run as efficiently and possibly cause fires, so I decided to venture deeper into “the belly of the beast.”

I unplugged the dryer, pulled it away from the wall, took off the vent hose, and proceeded to take the back off the dryer, then the part of the dryer that houses the lint trap and goes down to the fan area. Lo and behold, the area where the fan is was over half full of packed lint. No wonder it wouldn’t dry well! I got all the packed lint out, and took my vacuum cleaner and proceeded to suck up the rest of the dust and dirt, cleaning my dryer from top to bottom. When I got everything put back together, I did a test run and that thing runs like a brand new one! I then proceeded to come in and order a dryer cleaning kit (and some other toys) from your website and plan to add dryer cleaning to my regular zone rotation so that this never happens again.

I had been putting off ordering the kit thinking I didn’t need it now, but I was wrong. The tools I had worked just so-so, and I had to really work to get that dirt out, but I know that your dryer kit will be p****ct for keeping my dryer running like it should and keeping me and my family safe.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for repeating those emails because I sure did need it.


Linda in Kansas


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