I Saw The Shiny Light

  Dear FLYing Friends,

I have a complaint about the purple rags. They work so well that I can’t stop trying them on my toughest cleaning jobs. These rags are way too distracting. Lol.

I have a light in my kitchen. It is a glass disc style.  It is a beautiful light, but it gets covered in sticky, greasy, cooking dust/film. Usually, when I’d clean it (only if company was coming or twice a year–whichever came first) I’d end up using half a roll of paper towels and half a bottle of window cleaner. I would work on it for 20 minutes and it would still have streaks and smudges.

With skepticism in my mind and a wet purple rag in my hand I climbed the step stool to test the rag out. I could not believe my eyes. In less than 5 minutes the light was perfectly clean. I yelled for my husband.  He didn’t believe it either. He actually smelled the rag to see what cleaner I was using. (I had pawned the job off on him once or twice and he knows it is impossibly frustrating.). “Nothing but water,” I said in complete awe. That second I was sold and so was he.

Now, I can’t stop looking at my beautiful light–so distracting. And, I can’t stop trying the rags on my toughest cleaning jobs like my tub surrounds, or my walls and woodwork that have smoke stains from those fancy scented candles.   These new challenges are also distracting–fun–but distracting.

These rags are magic. Thanks for such an amazing tool.

Fledgling Snowbird from Ohio


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