November Habit #16 It Makes My Meals Healthier

Dear Flylady,

My step-mom started using menu planning about a month ago, and I thought it just took too much time to sit and figure out what to make, what to buy, and to allow for possible changes in the plan on some nights. I’ve only been flying for a month now, but I was pretty excited to see this month’s habit was menu planning because I thought, if Flylady was going to tell me how to do it, it would be easy! Your program is super applicable to my life and I love every part of it.

My husband thought it was a silly idea, but he recently got a job that takes him away from home for a couple weeks a month and so I’m left home with my DS who is almost three. When I first sat down to plan the menu, I was shocked at how easy it was! In just fifteen minutes, I had written down what we’d be eating and the (very few!) items I’d have to buy from the grocery store the next day.

It has already saved me so much money. I can just look in the cabinets, pull out a recipe book, and plan a meal from what I’ve already got. It’s also been helping me make super healthy meals because I don’t have a bunch of fresh veggies and fruits going bad before I figure out what to do with them.

Thank you so much for this habit. It’s gotten my family a little bit healthier!

-Flybaby Michelle

Welcome to November – the Menu Planning month. All month long, we are going to learn how to plan our menus to save money and feed our families healthy. This will be a fun habit to learn and to practice.

If you have and recipes you would like to share or a testimonial about Menu Planning Let us know! Send an email to with Menu Planning in the subject line.

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