Routines Help Sync Calendars


You have changed my life. I have incorporated morning and evening routines every day as a musician and mother of twin babies and a 5 year old Whenever people ask how I do it all I seriously tell them FlyLady!!

Here’s my question: I use an electronic calendar to keep track of all my appointments and my husband’s who’s also a musician and who’s schedule changes frequently but we also have a big FlyLady calendar up on our fridge for all to see.

How do I ensure that the family calendar stays up to date as sometimes I forget to transfer what is on my electronic calendar. The big one is good for our 5 year old to see and for each other when we walk by it rather than having to open our computers but I feel its not fool proof as we are working off two

I know FlyLady uses Cozi calendar and her own so what is the system to keep the two up to date all the time as 2 calendars is risky!!

Gracias for any suggestions!!


FlyLady here: In order to use an electronic Calendar and a FlyLady Calendar; YOU NEED A ROUTINE! Michele and I sync our calendars on Friday. We have a reminder set up to do this. If we are not together; we call each other. Robert and I sync our calendars over dinner on Sunday night! One way you can ensure that you keep up with changes is to send yourself a text when you add something on your electronic calendar.

Have you been procrastinating about getting your calendar. Don’t wait another day. When they are gone; we will not be getting any more of this year’s calendar.


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