I’m Not Alone

Discovering I’m Not Alone
By Kathleen

I read this book in one sitting. I loved how the authors intertwined the stories and the coincidences. Reading this has made me believe that I can leave CHAOS behind and finally FLY! I have been aware of the Flylady for almost 10 years but have only been able to incorporate her in fits and starts. The story paths in this book are helping me get off my perfectionistic bum because now I know that the course to incorporating Marla’s approach and getting to a peaceful life environment will take at least a year. I won’t keep bashing myself when I fall behind BECAUSE I’m never behind. Thank you Paddi and Marla!


I know I can….
By Amazon Customer

I loved reading “Hidden Treasures“!

My life is in such an upheaval between being a pack rat living in CHAOS and being a “normal” person. “Fly lady”, “Sink Reflections” and “Hidden Treasures” have given me so much hope…. Thank you so much!


if you read Shining sink, you have to read this
By Tammie Williamson

This book goes right along with the Flylady. It is beautifully written and a wonderful story for anyone with a marriage, a family, or a home.


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