Outta Sight! Outta Mind!

Dear FlyLady,

First, I must admit that my feather dusters made their home on the top shelf of my closet.  Well, I evicted them the other day and dusted the furniture in the living room.  Since I am on partial bedrest it was all I could do and so I did it.  Well, I left the dusters on the coffee table so they wouldn’t be out of sight out of mind and I can use them as I declutter and pack for my move.

My 3 yr old just found them and asked what they were for.  Now he is dusting everything in sight.  It is so cute. I never realized how easy it would be to set up chores that he can do, but he is having so much fun dusting that it’s giving me the giggles.

Love much,
FlyBaby Andie

FlyLady here: The worst thing you can do to your feather duster is put it in a dark closet. This is where the dust mites live and they will destroy your duster. I am still using my original duster from 2001. I have kept it in an umbrella stand in my living room. Dust mites don’t like sunshine.

If you were wanting to order dusters for presents please get them ordered now and don’t procrastinate. Our FlyShop will close before you know it.


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