They Were Right


I wish to write & tell you how much I love the purple rags in a bag.

I only decided to order them from the previous testimonials that I had read about cleaning mirrors & glass. When she said that she only used a damp towel to clean with and another dry one to wipe with after & it was clean with no streaks I thought that can’t be right but I was willing to try it because I trust FlyLady and all her products. I also wondered about the one who said she got her counters clean with water alone.

Well low & behold they were both right!

Now, it is a short trip to “crazy town” for me with a few things still. I mean that my perfectionism gets the best of me with coffee stains on my white counter top & streaks on my mirrors.

I don’t like to use so many bleaching products & paper towels & patience to try to just have clean counter tops & streak free mirrors.

I got the rags & washed them as you said & they worked great! First I used them on my mirrors; one damp one dry & they worked beautifully. Then I used them on my bathroom counter tops. I, too, smelled old cleaners & hairspray that I didn’t know was there & they really did clean them well. I cleaned the entire bathroom with them (the same two) excluding the toilet bowl.

With the last one I tackled my second frustration the coffee on my white kitchen counters it worked all by itself with just water! I was shocked. I had previously been using the expensive bleach wipes and even then they only kind of worked.

So this is for everyone who hasn’t tried them yet. You will love them. I am ordering more.

They are like the rubba scrubba when you order one to try it you end up ordering more.

Is it ok to wash them in warm water?

Thanks for everything you do!

Flying in Indiana



The Purple Rags¬†are amazing!! You use them over and over again…no more paper towels in the trash!

These micro-fiber towels are dyed purple so we recommend you wash them in warm water to rinse out the extra dye. After you use them wash them separately (with nothing else!) with a little laundry soap and NO FABRIC SOFTENER. Hang to dry. NEVER use bleach!

Here is the link to the Purple Rags. Make sure to read the washing instructions on the page!


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