It Really is a Big Deal

Dear FlyLady,

I discovered you last year and you revolutionized my life. My house was finally clean and organized: and it wasn’t stressing me out to get it that way. My laundry was actually getting done: and it wasn’t stressing me out to get it that way.

I have adapted your zones, routines, and ideas to work for me. I fell off the wagon a little the last month or so with the holidays, but even then my laundry was getting done (sometimes piling up clean, but washed!) and my house was getting cleaned every Monday.

I feel so much better about myself, my family, my house, and my future. I am way less stressed and have learned to give myself, my kids, and my husband a break. This is all due largely or in part to your recommendations.

Thank you, truly. It may seem like a small thing, but most of the ladies out there know how big of a deal it really is.




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