Fling The Dust

 Dear FlyLady,

I’m a FlyBaby, fluttering slowly. I wanted to tell you, today I dusted for the very first time, using my ostrich feather duster! (It is a status symbol after all!)

I didn’t quite know what to do at first, and danced around looking for things to dust. I realized a few things while doing it:

1. When I dust, I really look at everything, noticing my knick-knacks that are
on the shelves. I’m actually seeing some of them as if for the first time. This
helps me consider if I really need them or not.

2. I’m appreciating everything more now that it’s clean and free of dust.

3. It took even less time than I thought.

I’m excited to try out the detailed duster, hoping to get rid of the dust I can
see but can’t get at, in my radiators! That’s my next project.

Thanks so much!!!
Fluttering in Canada


FlyLady here: Dust is a fact of life! We are very proud of the tools we offer in
the FlyShop to help you fling the dust out of your home.


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