No More Late Inspections

2017 calendarDear FlyLady,

My new FlyLady Calendar just came in the mail a few days ago. I know the school events calendar for next year will be coming soon along with the class schedules. I love that everything for the kids fits in the squares.

One thing I do might help others.

Our family has 4 cars (for the 4 of us!) and I could never remember whose car needed to be inspected when, or when each needed to be re-registered. And not having that information one year cost me a ticket for missing an inspection!

So I went through the registration forms and inspection stickers for each car and wrote the information on my FlyLady calendar (eg., “Van registration; Saturn inspection” went on the notes spot for July.)

I just transfer it from one year’s calendar to the next …… and we’ve had no more tickets!

Thanks for all you and the crew do.

FlyBaby Judith in Pennsylvania 


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